Cargo Van Rental

Rent a furgon from 51EUR


Rent a car Split NOVA gives you the option of renting a cargo van/furgon when you need to move or transport a lot of goods. A cargo van/furgon rental is a great low-cost solution for both businesses and individuals who need to transport items from one location to another. With our affordable prices, renting a cargo van from Rent a car Split will save you time and money so that you don't have to make multiple trips. When you rent a cargo van, you'll get the weight capacity of a truck, but with more storage space.

Benefits for renting a furgon at Rent a car Split

  • Rent a cargo van to move new stuff to your studio or apartments just before start of touristic season. Our vans are also a familiar choice for businesses that require picking up supplies, shipments or even making local equipment and product deliveries.
  • With our cargo van/furgon you only need to make one trip. The spacious hold (from 13 -17 m3) can carry all of your boxes and you can ensure they arrive in one piece to your destination.
  • Rent a car Split cargo vans have the same efficiency as a normal family car, but with double the cargo space. If you're looking for the best mix of utility, comfort and affordability; save time and money with a Rent a car Split cargo van/furgon.
  • If you're requiring a cargo van/furgon, you'll probably be needing some extra help. Maybe a GPS navigation system to get you to that address or unlimited mileage for that long haul. NOVA Rent a car Split offers great add-ons and services that many companies don't.

Contact us or check our competitive rates, you'll be thankful that you have booked and rented a top quality cargo van with NOVA Rent a car Split.